hoots & hellmouth @ the casbah

hoots & hellmouth @ casbah

hoots & hellmouth @ casbah

Delighted by the chance to see my beloved Hoots & Hellmouth twice in a month, and hope it heralds their touring more through North Carolina in places I can see them. Lovely humans, stellar musicians, and Sean Hoots’ songwriting on the just released Salt is staggering in both its breadth and its intimate detail. Salt is a masterpiece of five-star tracks in my iTunes already, and if you like bearded boys with banjos and gorgeous lyrics, it’s worth picking up. “Why Would You Not Want To Go There?” and “Ocean, Open Wide” are already set to soundtrack my summer with their plaint and heartbreak and hope.

Cheyenne Marie Mize and Donora opened; the former has a voice like Margo Timmins, and the latter makes electronic garage pop with Corin Tucker vocals. Digging on both of them hugely. Full set is here.

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