color me obsessed: a follow-up

'color me obsessed' screening @ nightlight

(I call this shot “Montgomery, Rapt”.)

A few days late but hopefully not short any dollars but what I always am, I just wanted to put a few thank yous out to everyone who made the screening of Color Me Obsessed such a success last week. First, to Gorman, who made it possible for this to even be a possibility; he and I had dinner beforehand and not only is he a great filmmaker, he’s just a great guy. To Alexis, Montgomery, Tara, and the Nightlight staff, who gave us a venue and ran the whole thing super professionally. To Chaz at Bull City Records, who talked the screening up more than I did. And finally, to everybody who came out, those of you I knew and those of you I didn’t, thanks for being there and being into it and being a fantastic audience.

Let’s see if we can get Gorman to do the world premiere of the Archers movie at the Cradle in a few years, then, huh?

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