worth getting up for in november

local beer local bands: lilac shadows

Worth getting up for in November: Sinful Savage Tigers’ residency at the Station; Fitz & the Tantrums, Girl in a Coma, the Sea & Cake, Bombadil, Josh Ritter live; Josh Ritter’s new live album; shooting Bottom String sessions in backyards and cabins in the woods; the light in the Mandolin Orange living room; burlesque shows; vintage dresses; finally getting my meds under control; spending Sundays doing nothing but sleeping and reading mystery novels; Thanksgiving dinners for two; pumpkin bourbon cheesecake; The Hour (and Dominic West’s naked ass); the end of the NBA lockout and Mike Leach’s new employment; secret projects; “This team deserves to spend Christmas Day in Shreveport”; the new Black Keys album; whiskey.

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