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Another one of my boys — and, oh, there have been so many this year! My beloved Andrew Carignan finally made his debut with the A’s last week, after two injury riddled minor league seasons, though I don’t have a single photo of him in Carolina uniform — got his call-up to the majors this week: 2008 draft pick Tim Federowicz, better known to the Carolina baseball family as Fedex, who had spent his minor league career prior to August in the Red Sox system, something that only broke shep’s and my hearts a little bit. (A lot. Completely.) He was part of a trade deadline deal with the Dodgers and the Mariners, though, that sent Erik Bedard to the Red Sox, and Fedex got his call up to Donnie Baseball’s roster today, though he’s not in the starting line-up.

Fedex is on the left in this shot; 2008 back-up catcher Mark Fleury is on the right. Right after I took this shot, Mark leaned over and bit Fedex. And shep. and I laughed til we cried.

This is actually my most viewed photo of Fedex, from the 2007 Regionals. I still feel a little dirty looking at it.

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  1. Maggie says:

    It’s probably for the best that he doesn’t start tonight. He’s playing my team, and baseball Jesus is on the mound!

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