the lusitania @ motorco music hall

the lusitania @ motorco music hall

the lusitania @ motorco music hall

First up, an open letter: dear the Lusitania, I am really, really sorry that y’all had such a shitass time with the sound at your show last night, because playing at Motorco is usually way way way more fun than you guys had. If it helps, and it probably doesn’t, you sounded fantastic from where I was sitting. You should come back to North Carolina, though, because that mess wouldn’t happen the next time you came back, and I’d love to see you guys again soon. Love, Aggie

So, yeah: last night’s headlining set at Motorco by El Paso’s the Lusitania was marred by some pretty incompetent sound mixing, and the band understandably was rather furious about it. It’s a shame, because I’d estimate that the sound guys working regularly in the Triangle are, for the most part, really good at what they do, and I hate to see out-of-towners get a crappy experience from one rotten board guy.

Despite that, though, they sounded fantastic from where I sat in the audience, and it just verifies my theory: if Virgil from Suburban Home tells me it’s good, it’s probably very good. The Lusitania are just that: very, very good. Think the clean-rough sound of Lucero from ten years ago, lots of guitars and fantastic keyboards, with a sharper songwriting ear than Ben had back in the day. And they were a hell of a blast to watch, too, particularly frantic bassist Blake Duncan, who I could have spent two hours trying to capture; I haven’t had so much fun shooting a band in ages (well, okay, lie: I had that much fun shooting Josh Ritter, but before that, it was definitely the Koffin Kats or the Menzingers). Just confirms that I need to go to more punk-ish shows, y’all.

You can stream the Lusitania’s latest album, Rain and Rivers, over at Suburban Home and check out their upcoming August tour dates, with Jim Ward, here.

of whiskey & blood @ motorco music hall

Of Whiskey & Blood, who have a fantastic name, were third on the bill; I am sure that they are super talented guys, but they are not remotely my musical speed, unfortunately.

kennebec @ motorco music hall

Kennebec was the first band I caught last night. I’ve been trying to see them for months now, and much like the Tender Fruit, I just kept missing them for a variety of reasons. I’d need to sleep, or have double booked myself, or simply couldn’t get out to see them. I was sorry that they weren’t in their full five-piece rock ‘n’ roll incarnation last night, but the three acoustic guitar close harmonies catchy songwriting incarnation that Motorco got to see what well-worth it all the same. Ugh, you guys, the harmonies. Utterly staggering and gorgeous. I can’t wait to see them with their full line-up; I know they’ll be tremendous.

J. Kutchma opened and went on earlier than I thought he would, so I missed his set, but it’s J, so I know he was awesome. Because he’s always awesome.

All in all, a lovely low key night; full photo set here.

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