worth getting up for: july

locally grown: flash mob dancing!

Worth getting up for in July: new sushi restaurants; press passes; promo shoots; a clear mind and big ideas; visiting the lovely lady H. and Dr. N in West Virginia, and the sheer staggering beauty and color of the area they live in; Angry Birds Seasons; Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson novels, Sheila Weller’s Girls Like Us, and feeling like a badass invincible woman; wedding rings on musicians; the Devil Makes Three and Boulder Acoustic Society live; my beloved Holy Ghost Tent Revival at Locally Grown; finishing painting the 506 bathroom with Hoppie while we listen to the Rolling Stones; so so so many design blogs; my grade raise (and subsequent pay raise) at work; emotionally healthy choices; discovering that the Cowboy’s kitchen has perfect acoustics; planning to fill bathtubs with popcorn and musicians; impromptu Friday beach trips.

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