promo shoot: sinful savage tigers

promo: sinful savage tigers

I’ve been working with Seth Martin and his bandmates in Sinful Savage Tigers, Seth Barden and Andrew Marlin, since April, putting together the concepts for a promo shoot for SST’s upcoming release, The Last Night Of The Revels. It’s totally changed the way I think of promo shoots, because it was such a good time; Seth and Seth and Andrew are all great guys, and it was fun to think like a designer again for a while.

We settled on a morning after vibe, and while we looked at empty storefronts on Franklin Street for a while, we ended up shooting in the Cowboy’s kitchen, which he was generous enough to let me invade and remake, and which turned out to be perfect. The light on Friday morning, filtered through his bamboo backyard, was perfect, and the SST guys showed up with loads of props and the best looking outfits I’ve seen in a while.

They were also fantastic to shoot because they both took direction and acted natural; while I was crawling around on the floor and standing on the Cowboy’s ottoman, they just shot the shit, fiddled with all the stuff we’d laid out on the table, and laughed a lot. Exactly the sort of vibe you need to get great morning after shots.

A pleasure to work with them, and I’m proud of the shots I got. There are a handful behind the jump, and a handful more on Flickr.

promo: sinful savage tigers

promo: sinful savage tigers

promo: sinful savage tigers

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  1. Maja says:

    Love these shots!

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