sinful savage tigers @ local 506

sinful savage tigers @ local 506

sinful savage tigers @ local 506

The first half of last night’s double header was Chapel Hill’s own fierce folk and string band skuffle ensemble, Sinful Savage Tigers; they’re getting ready to release their second album of Seth Martin’s excellent songwriting, and they were in fine form last night. Seth, Seth and Andrew play and harmonize together so, so well, and last night they had Andrew’s Mandolin Orange bandmate Emily Franz on fiddle as well as a banjo player, filling out a sound that’s already full. They were fantastic.

I got to spend the morning hanging out with them and doing promo shots for their upcoming album, The Last Night Of The Revels, and I’ll have those and some notes on shooting on Monday. Seth & Seth & Andrew are all excellent people and they’re always a joy to shoot.

the farewell drifters @ local 506

Nashville’s the Farewell Drifters headlined the night, and I really dug them, as well. They opened with a track that sounded like the bastard love child of Buddy Holly and a bluegrass band, and that’s never wrong. Great players and a super tight sound.

Full set is here.

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