baseball: scranton wilkes-barre yankees @ durham bulls

baseball: yankees @ bulls


The Alpha Site goes to see the Yankees when they come to town every year, because shep.’s a native New Yorker and lifelong Yankees fan; as we like to see the future of my ballclub playing for the Tides (outlook: dismal), we like to see the future of her ballclub, too. They got thumped on Sunday evening, but Kei Igawa surprisingly threw six good innings and then Andrew Brackman was a disaster area, as expected. (The Yankees took the series from the Bulls, in the end.) For me, the best part was seeing a familiar #28 in SWB’s dugout — ex-Tar Heel Adam Warren, our beloved and much-missed Adam Warren, is quietly going about his professional career in a fantastic fashion, wearing his old number in the minors and waiting for someone to notice that he’s been nothing short of excellent in the Yankees’ system since graduating from Carolina two years ago.

He pitched Saturday and we missed his start, but I kept turning my head during Sunday’s game, just comforted by the sight of him leaning against the dugout rail, collected and calm like he’s always been.

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