roadside graves @ nightlight

roadside graves @ nightlight

i’ve got a heart that won’t quit, won’t break
no matter what you do

“West Coast” was the first Roadside Graves song I fell for, it’s still my favorite, and there’s a gorgeous version in their latest Daytrotter session.

They were, as always, a joy on Saturday evening.

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  1. amy says:

    aggie, i wish i could pay you to tell me about new music all day long. i’ve never heard of this band and i wasn’t going to click through to daytrotter but i did and i’m so glad. what a lovely song.

    1. I would be so good good at that job, Amy. I also make a mean salad! Double duty!

      If you want to check them out further, hit their other Daytrotter session for “Liv Tyler”, which is my second favorite song by them. It’s amazing.

  2. Sam says:

    no love for lilac shadows? they were on the bill

    1. Missed their set that night! On my list to catch soon, though.

      1. Sam Logan says:

        haha yea just messin’ with y’all–that’s my new band actually, The Huguenots are no more. try and come to the Pinhook on friday, we’re playing with some great bands!

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