worth getting up for: may

musician living rooms

Worth getting up for in May: great publicist relationships and working with Big Hassle Media, who I’ve admired for a long time; my beloved Two Cow Garage, and Wintersleep, both live at Kings; that sweet cool late spring NC weather and the particular shade of green that the NC gets in May; the conclusion of game 2 of the UNC/UMD baseball series and sweeping Virginia; barbeque sandwiches; great local albums; kickass performance reviews; getting your professional shit done like a professional even when your personal life is a mess; the Felice Brothers’ Celebration, Florida; aimless Sunday driving in Alamance County; a sweet national seed in the NCAA baseball tournament for Carolina; the return of Bell’s Oberon to the shelves; the Wire Season 3; the Booze and the Biters live; beating the new world on Angry Birds Rio in an afternoon; sunshiney naps; jumping in our pool when I’m incredibly sweaty and gross; federal holidays.

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