been a while, huh?

someone had a romance-related temper tantrum

But things I’ve been collecting, in terms of inspiration, comma rocking my world:

  • Postcards from America, a currently ongoing project by half a dozen Mangum documentary photographers. Their work in the American Southwest has been gorgeous and staggeringly sad, and their Tumblr is by turns hilarious and heartbreaking.
  • Okay, not exactly inspiration, but college baseball rain delay theater is one of my favorite things, and this one is both funny and cringe-worthy. (Ugh, I can just imagine that poor kid going down and not getting up, and while he’s fine, oof, that could have ended badly.)
  • These photos of Keira Knightley (I still love her best even if she should eat 14 sandwiches) by Ellen von Unwerth.
  • “Photographers should write more. And I don’t mean blog more, I mean writing, actual writing. The type of writing that takes at least an hour or two to complete and then is edited the next day.” – Bryan Formhals
  • Todd McClellan’s “Old Camera”. Wish I could have afforded that print when it was offered.
  • Carlie Armstrong’s, which documents the work spaces and processes of Portland, Oregon-based artists and designers.
  • Photofocus on five tips for unmotivated photographers. I personally just go take photos of cats and farmers’ markets, and write pitch emails until the thought of actually shooting is way more appealing than emailing publicists, but that’s just me.
  • The Creatives Project: DJ Series. An amazing series of portraits.
  • The Reader’s Alphabet.
  • Kyle Cassidy. His work, his life, the community he’s built and inspires and pushes to create. I am envious and in awe — he makes me want to work harder at what I do.

If you miss my regular inspiration posts, you should follow me on Twitter; in between running commentary on the state of Evan Longoria’s mullet and the Orioles’ bullpen and opening bands in the Triangle, I post a lot of photography-related links, mostly to projects, series and collections that I dig, which is, in fact, where the inspiration posts have decamped to, frankly.

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