the magnolia collective @ the station, may 2011

the magnolia collective @ the station

puritan rodeo @ the station

One of my favorite things about MagCo’s ongoing Thursday residency at the Station, besides the facts that they’re fantastic, I’ve gotten to meet a bunch of amazing people hanging out there, and the always excellent challenge of shooting the same band over and over again, is their rotating cast of local opens — I haven’t seen the same one twice, and talk about an easy way for me to see more new-to-me local bands. Thursday it was Puritan Rodeo, who twang and rock and defy both genre-fication and description, but who absolutely shredded a Fats Domino cover, thereby winning themselves a permanent place in my heart.

It was a low key, mellow evening full of excellent musicians and good company and, for once, decent light. I would say “A+, will do again,” but given how many times I’ve seen MagCo this year, I think that’s a given.

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