bull city undercover

bull city undercover: tripp as bob seger & the silver bullet band

Bull City Undercover — three nights of locals doing cover sets by a single artist of their choosing — has its roots in the old scene at the old Kings, but I, for one, am thrilled that Tamplin brought it over to Motorco with him when he left Tir Na Nog; it was a funny, mellow kind of evening, an in-and-out crowd, good company, great music.

Sea Cow, who I was unfamiliar with, opened with a blisteringly excellent set covering X, which pleased me mostly because it would have delighted Pam. Brett Harris, in an ascot that bore a strong resemblance to a tea towel, proved my longstanding Everything Needs More Kinks Covers conjecture by doing just that — and absolutely nailing a set closing earnestly unironic version of “Lola”.

Wylie Hunter & the Cazadores, who I still have never seen play their own songs, did the Stones, because William Taylor is skinny enough to be Keef and Wylie can, with his enthusiasm and his talent and his grin, sell just about anything. I was delighted by it because I am delighted by both the Stones and by Wylie. (I’m finally going to see them doing their own stuff Wednesday, when Wylie and Luego open for Dawes at the Cradle, which I’m psyched about.)

But the highlight, another man who I have never seen play his own songs, the absolute flat-out highlight was Alex Wilkins and Tripp, because Alex sold, from start to finish without a hint of irony, an entire incredibly well done set of songs by Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band. “Who decides to cover Bob Seger?” shep. asked me on the way home. “Alex Wilkins,” I said.

It was fantastic. I laughed and sang along and danced my butt off. Well done, sir. Well done.

Full set is here.

I’m in the middle of a two week stretch where I have a show every night (or day), except for the nights where I have baseball tickets, or baseball tickets and then a job at a show, or plans with friends. Be prepared for an onslaught. I’ll sleep when I’m dead.

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