hey, you! you musician! over there! yeah, you!

fret sounds: january

It looks like we’re going to avoid a major government shutdown for the time being, but that doesn’t mean that the Republicans aren’t just going to decide to stop paying me while I answer phone calls from claimants, so some stuff I thought I’d put out there, local musicians and others:

  • Need new and interesting and not your run of the mill promo photos? I’m your girl. Reasonable prices. Really reasonable prices compared to what you’d get charged by people in bigger markets. And sometimes I have really interesting ideas, like let’s take photos in the bottom of an empty swimming pool! (Sorry, though: the Cowboy has dibs on that one, y’all.)
  • Studio work. One of my favorite things to do is shoot bands recording or working in studio. I get to hang out and take photos, and you get documentation of your art-making process. Again, reasonable prices. (Like beer. I will take payment in mixed cash and beer for that gig.) Examples of that kind of work that I’ve done are here.
  • Need shots for album artwork? I’ve got them for you, probably, or I’ll take them if I don’t. Dig my archives. Tell me what you like. I’ll tell you how much it costs.
  • Record reviews. Not paid work, obviously, but I had such a good time putting together my mid-January Two Sentence Reviews Of Local Albums that I’d love to make it a bi-monthly feature. So if you’re a Triangle or Triad band with a new album or EP coming out (or already out), drop me an email with a copy, and I’ll listen to it and review it if I can. asdonkar AT gmail DOT com for all your reviewing needs.
  • Same thing goes for live shows: locals, if you want live photos, drop me an email. I’m always happy to get out and shoot if my schedule allows, and I did resolve to see more new to me local bands along with my old favorites, so hit me up; list spot + beer will usually treat me just fine (the beer is non-negotiable here). If the government does shut down, I’ve got to occupy myself somehow! Otherwise I’ll sit at home and make shep. totally crazy.

So that’s that. Services available for reasonable prices (or beer). I sound like a bad Craigslist ad, don’t I? Let’s stop here and discuss these: how are you guys? Everybody surviving winter? How’s the weather where you are? Where’s your favorite place to get a burrito in the Triangle, locals? How come nobody told me that the TJ’s on Main Street in Carrboro had such a kickass beer selection?

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