worth getting up for: february

spring, almost sprung

Worth getting up for in February: Pam coming to visit; college baseball season starting; pitchers and catchers; overtime Canes wins; solving important world problems at 6 am on a Monday (baseball > hockey); having someone understand why you have to follow one song about Baltimore with Gram Parsons doing “The Streets Of Baltimore”; a whole bunch of albums that, technically, have April release dates; the Black Keys’ Brothers (again; still); Dave Hause’s Resolutions, holy crap; the temperatures rising up into the 70s; the Cowboy’s new album; my super awesome smartphone; interviewing Jim Avett; watching meganwest pull off her amazing GRAMMYs campaign; DevMem; the nearly 2-hour All Songs Considered on 90s music, which was amazing and made me feel old; Mike Ness interviewing Lucero.

Can we all just agree that February blew, for the most part, and move on to March? Because the last ten days of February felt like a whole year of being punched in the face and so far March is better. Ish.

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  1. pam says:

    No one’s blog is ever going to be as much about Mike Ness as mine is, but man, how much do I love that he remains worth getting up for! I feel my stockholming job here is done. \o/

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