slingshot cash @ the open eye

slingshot cash in jon's living room

slingshot cash in jon's living room

The Cowboy has a band. They’re called Slingshot Cash and I’m terrifically fond of them. They’re good, he’s a great songwriter, and if you live in the Triangle, you should go see them when they play out. For reasons that don’t need exploring at this juncture but should be pretty obvious, I won’t be writing about them much here, but I thought you guys should know about them, because they are awesome.

They played at the Open Eye last night, and the full photo set is here. The shots above are of the Cowboy and his lead guitarist in the Cowboy’s living room on Sunday night, after dinner. The light in his living room is glorious.

(And if you’re a competent, reliable drummer in the Triangle or surroundings who can play both rock and country comfortably, and you’re not an asshole or a drunk, email me. I know a band who needs you.)

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