worth getting up for: december

the low anthem @ cat's cradle

Worth getting up for in December: Trekky’s Christmas at the Cradle and the annual first-weekend-in-December American Aquarium Pour House show; $5 double tall Long Island night at the Pour House and pink shots at Motorco; hockey; Justin Townes Earle live; good bootleg recordings and my buddy Dan; dinners out with my folks; scripting tour diaries; “But why isn’t there any lurking in the bushes?”; TCU’s Rose Bowl bid; Lost In The Trees on NPR; Big Star tribute shows that make me cry; my new Nikkor 50mm that autofocuses; “AND ALSO … FUCK YOU.” (still); Ghost Shirt’s “Southern Girl”; surprise last minute Avett Brothers shows at the Cradle; oh god oh god oh god, you guys, the Avetts at the Cradle, it should really be the only thing on this list; time for flannel sheets; holiday special flavored coffee creamer; football bowl games, be they awful or awesome; the final departure of TJ Yates in Carolina blue AND a UNC bowl win; continuing to reconnect with old old friends who’ve grown up to be awesome; new e. lockhart Ruby Oliver books picked up from the library an hour before closing on 12/31; local musicians on Facebook; wine; beer; cheese.

When I look at all my posts about what was worth getting up for this year, 2010 was — 2010 was actually a pretty good year. I mean, it had its turbulence, and a certain amount of emotional trauma (and some emotional manipulation, which is another story entirely), but I was, mostly, happy this year. I worked my ass off networking, I shot a ton, I watched a lot of baseball games and drank a lot of beer. I saw 72 great shows, and one right there at the end that was transformative. I didn’t travel as much as I wanted to, and I only went to the beach once (ONCE!), but there’s only so many hours in the day, you know? I was happy. I did what I wanted to do.

2011 is already filling up; I am spending tonight at home, lazily, in my pajamas. I have a large bottle of wine and plan to do some serious iTunes maintenance and some serious budgeting for 2011 and some serious football watching and some serious listening to Hank Williams and Townes van Zandt in preparation for the first show of the new year, a Hank/Townes covers show in honor of their deaths on New Year’s Day at the Nightlight tomorrow. It is old and it is lame, and 2011 is going to rock, so I’m going to get my sleep now and kick ass later.

And speaking of that, it’s time for a nap. Happy New Year, y’all. May 2011 be badass.

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  1. pam says:

    “But why isn’t there any lurking in bushes?”

    SUCH a good question.

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