for all those with broken hearts

lost in the trees @ tir na nog

Lost in the Trees wraps up their incredibly (and well-deservedly) successful 2010 with a show at Motorco Music Hall in Durham tonight; locals Veelee and (LITT’s Trekky labelmates) Butterflies open. 9PM, $15 at the door. This week, the Indy gives Ari some equally well-deserved local loving and the Anti- reissue of All Alone In An Empty House is starting to show up in end-of-the-year best of lists. It won’t be on mine, because AAIAEH is forever and ever a 2008 release to me, but if you just found them this year, it should be on yours.

I started shooting Ari and company in April 2009; behind the jump, a retrospective of photos from then and from now, in every incarnation and lineup, previously unposted.

lost in the trees @ TRKfest 2009

lost in the trees @ cat's cradle

lost in the trees @ gerrard hall

lost in the trees @ gerrard hall

trkfest 2010: lost in the trees

locally grown: lost in the trees @ wallace plaza

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