hockey: stars @ canes

hockey: stars @ hurricanes

But the point is, things are going crazy in Boise, and this is a city that once had Zamboni related drunk driving charges. — a commenter on Deadspin, about four years ago

You guys, I have been waiting years with that line saved in my text file of quotes, because I was sure I would eventually have some occasion to use it; I have no idea why I find it so funny, but I do. It seems a little cruel in the wake of the Boise State loss last week, but the Penn State Fan took me to the Stars/Hurricanes game on Monday, so cruel or not, I feel like it’s also a little appropriate for Cam Ward, somehow. (Hockey is really weird to shoot. Not at all like baseball. Obviously. But still weird.)


Author: brandnewkindof

Photographer, baseball fan, lover of rock music, sweet tea, chili cheese hotdogs, and Matt Wieters.

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