auxiliary house @ nightlight

auxiliary house @ nightlight

auxiliary house @ nightlight

auxiliary house @ nightlight

Everybody knows that I’m stupidly fond of all the Trekky Records kids, and it’s a damn shame that in the years I’ve been going to see their bands and their excellent shows, festivals, and holiday extravaganzas, I’d never actually seen Trekky super-group/whoever’s not on tour/house band, Auxiliary House, before last night. Aux House seems to collect the songs that Trekky band members can’t use in their primary projects, draws their (many, many) members from the Trekky bands that aren’t on the road with other people, and rocked a full Nightlight crowd rather well last night.

The band was mostly zombified. The crowd was mostly hipster-fied. I drank whiskey and the girls drank PBR and afterwards we went to the Waffle House on 54 at 2 am. If I have to acknowledge Halloween, I’ll do it that way forever, thanks.

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