trekky records day-dream day party

trekky day-dream

There are definitely things that I’m sorry to have missed about Hopscotch; anything that big happens, something is bound to happen that you’re sorry to miss. But I got my money’s worth — ie just the cost of drinks — and far far more, at Trekky’s Day-Dream day party.

The Triangle has a host of record labels, a dozen dozen people doing amazing and interesting things, but Trekky is the label I think of as mine, the one that’s representative of the bands I’ll choose if there’s a conflict of shows. Yesterday’s day party was exactly what I wanted — a low key, high energy show, with a definite celebratory air about the whole thing. I didn’t shoot as well as I wanted to, but I sure as hell had a good time. Everything ran late, as Trekky always does, but not in a bad way. I drank beer. I danced. I sang along to the bands. I got to see four bands I really love and one I’d never seen before, but Sharon Van Etten sold me in just her short set. I talked to strangers waiting to buy beer. I ran into J. and had a nice chat with Ryan from Muzzle of Bees. It was a fantastic afternoon.

As I said to Will on our way out, the Trekky kids did good. I’m not surprised, though; they always do.

More photos, as always, behind the jump.

trekky day-dream: lost in the trees

trekky day-dream

trekky day-dream: midtown dickens

trekky day-dream: midtown dickens

trekky day-dream: embarrassing fruits

trekky day-dream: butterflies

trekky day-dream

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