happy football!

football: unc spring game

It seem that somehow, some way, the rumor that LSU fans smell like corn dogs has swept through the Auburn faithful. Aside from being absolutely hilarious, the accusation makes LSU fans furious. “I’m telling you,” Rowder says, “if you walk up to any LSU fan and you smell them and then step back and say, ‘Yep, corn dogs,’ they will get so mad.” Which leads us to the ultimate metaphysical mystery, how can you prove that you don’t smell like corn dogs? Exactly. That’s why this corn-dog business is the funniest SEC insult I’ve heard yet. — Clay Travis, Dixieland Delight

Most of our defense isn’t playing tonight, but LSU fans still smell like corn dogs. TAKE THAT, LSU FANS. And happy football, y’all.

(And that’s why my football category is “smells like corn dogs”!)

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