quoth the raven, ‘sack kaepernick’

“Just witnessing a Baltimore ritual. I’ve lived here all my life and never visited Poe’s grave, much less seen the Visitor. That’s akin to never going to Fort McHenry or watching the Orioles play.” “Bunch of bums.” Rainer frowned. “I hate the American League.” “Where did you grow up, Detective?” “Jersey. I’m a Mets fan….

cities that love their sports teams too much

If ever a city needed a self-help book, it was Baltimore: Towns That Love Sports Teams Too Much, and the Greedy Team Owners Who Use Them. — Laura Lippman, Charm City I grew up in a town without a football team. The Colts were still in Baltimore for the first few years of my life,…

fb: miami @ duke

Football photos taken by amateurs all look like big piles of laundry, but I did get shots of two guys crossing the goal lines; one for each team. And it’s always lovely to sit outside in the sun on a beautiful fall afternoon with good company.

happy football!

It seem that somehow, some way, the rumor that LSU fans smell like corn dogs has swept through the Auburn faithful. Aside from being absolutely hilarious, the accusation makes LSU fans furious. “I’m telling you,” Rowder says, “if you walk up to any LSU fan and you smell them and then step back and say,…

duke @ carolina football

duke @ carolina football, originally uploaded by minervacat. North Carolina Throws passes down the field three yards at a time. FAIL. — Orson Swindle, Every Day Should Be Saturday A sad and accurate assessment of our offense. I don’t have a lot of football photos, because Carolina football tickets are too expensive for my tastes…

football: ga tech @ duke

football: ga tech @ duke, originally uploaded by minervacat. “It’s national TV, you shouldn’t have worn that shirt.” — Jay Bilas on GameDay

carolina @ duke, wallace wade stadium

carolina @ duke, wallace wade stadium, originally uploaded by minervacat. There’s something about the pageantry and passion — the way sunshine comes later departs earlier behind the colored leaves of the trees, and the pounding drums in an on-rushing band on a Southern campus — that stirs your heart. People who otherwise would not speak…