worth getting up for: august

birds & arrows @ nightlight

Worth getting up for in August: the Physics of Meaning opening for Lost In The Trees, for free; Frontier Ruckus’ Deadmalls & Nightfalls, I Can Lick Every Sonofabitch In The House’s Sounds of Dying, the Honored Guests’ Into Nostalgia EP, Simone Felice’s Live From A Lonely Place & Ryan Bingham’s Junky Star; Buck Showalter, the alien-pod-people Orioles, crushing the hopes of Red Sox fans, and the first winning month since June 2008; $5.99 six packs of take-a-chance-on-it beer at Trader Joe’s that turn out to be super drinkable; new Tim Dorsey novels and the new Anthony Bourdain book; skinny beardless Kerry Wood freaking me out every time I see him; discovering Writers on Process, where I lost many hours; walk-off suicide squeezes (even if they aren’t actually suicide squeezes); new favorite local bands; Glenn’s fall booking at the 506; Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears live; drive-by lunches with my father; clearing huge workloads efficiently and flawlessly; Elvis Costello cover bands; this Fuel/Friends interview with the Friday Night Lights music supervisor; discovering Elliott Landy’s photography by reading about the Band; carry-out Mexican food; the return of the Basketball Jones, even if they’re just talking about international basketball; TWO DAYS TO FOOTBALLLLLLL.

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