ball park hot dogs: orioles park at camden yards

orioles park at camden yards

Where: Oriole Park at Camden Yards, Baltimore, MD.

What: a regular garden variety ball park frank

With whom: my father and my uncle, who both also ate hot dogs, and my vegetarian sister, who ate nachos

Why: It’s good to try a variety of ball park hot dogs. This one was juicy and tender, although a little over-condimented (user error; happens even with hot dogs) and the bun fell apart a bit. I think that the Orioles are doing some high end dogs somewhere in the stadium at this point, but when you’re watching a losing baseball team, you don’t really have the energy to go further than the place that sells regular hot dogs and beer. Maybe I should have; it would have been a distraction!

Grade: B. It’s a good hot dog, it’s just not an extraordinary hot dog.

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