worth getting up for: march

shoe container gardens, originally uploaded by minervacat.

Worth getting up for in March: my 30th birthday; days off for my birthday; Frightened Rabbit’s The Winter Of Mixed Drinks, the Drive-By Truckers’ The Big To-Do, and the Morning Benders’ Big Echo; ACC college baseball, even when we lose series; TEAM WAYNE GRAHAM1; a rash of Suburban Home artists coming through town; Ryan Bingham’s Oscar win; the first flip-flop weather of the year; 25-1; the font on Princeton’s baseball uniforms; baseball games in sunshine; angry Mike Martin yelling at umpires; drinking beer and watching tournament games in a sports bar; Carolina’s surprising victories in the NIT; new soul records that sound like old soul records; “I have A LOT of opinions about the new Truckers album!”; the return of the farmer’s market; daffodils; those big fluffy white-flowering trees in the NC; chili dogs at the Bosh; Diners Drive-Ins & Dives and The Best Thing I Ever Ate; quoting Ghostbusters on Twitter and having a million people quote it back at me; beach music; playing for another basketball title, even if it’s the “second class” title.

(1: rice baseball didn’t actually do anything that spectacular in march, in fact they kind of sucked; i just love wayne graham. wayne graham’s continued existence makes my days worthwhile. pitching and defense, pitching and defense! see also: my favorite drunk texan baseball coach, augie garrido. margaritas for everyone in austin! (i love, unabashedly, all the old guard college baseball coaches: graham and garrido, florida state’s mike martin and miami’s jim morris, oregon-by-way-of-cal-state-fullerton’s george horton, late-of-arizona-state’s pat casey. grumpy old dudes who have won and won and won and mostly done it at the same school for years and years. i am president of the grumpy old dude baseball coach fan club.)

i really want a rice baseball t-shirt, but only if the front says rice baseball and the back says TEAM WAYNE GRAHAM. since shep. and i are the only ones who call rice baseball TEAM WAYNE GRAHAM, i think i’m out of luck.)

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  1. Mom says:

    Love the shoe planter. Fun post!

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