the mantras @ the blind tiger

the mantras @ the blind tiger, originally uploaded by minervacat.

We went out to see the Mantras last night because Keith, their frontman, and Brian, their bassist, are friends of the New Familiars, and we’ve seen Keith play with those guys in Greensboro at least a couple of time. It was — an interesting night. The Mantras, made up of two guitarists, two drummers, and Brian, play a summer-feeling jam-band style that’s somewhere between Bela Fleck and the Flecktones and early live Phish, which is not my go-to genre but the Mantras are good and there’s a lot to enjoy in what they do.

It just also turns out that what plagued me during my time with The Ex still plagues me — I get bored listening to jam bands. I stand there after 40 minutes and think, stop noodling around and play me a song, which is always unfair to the band in question. They are playing me a song! I just have a really short attention span.

So! We stayed for about half their set; I suspect that I would have a lot more patience for that style and that crowd in the summer, when it’s warm and drinking beer doesn’t feel like freezing my insides out. I’m definitely going to see them again, because I wasn’t disappointed (I know, canonically, that Keith enjoys noodling around on his guitar; he does it when he plays with the New Familiars). Unfortunately, it wasn’t what I was really in the mood for last night.

It was, as often is in Greensboro, a random crowd full of hippies and hipsters and punks and metalheads, and the people watching alone was worth the eight bucks. “Because Greensboro” is a valid answer to “why [fill in random occurence here]?” as often as “because Chapel Hill” is.

Long story short: a talented band playing a show that I was in the wrong headspace to engage with. I’ll see them again. I’d like to shoot them again, for sure.

I really want to see Django Haskins and Austin Lucas tonight, but I would rather chew my own arm off than spend the evening of the Carolina/Duke game in a Durham bar, so instead we’re going to go see Alice In Wonderland. I do love Tim Burton, as we all know.

And in conclusion, today’s Daytrotter session is Megafaun, and you should all go download it.

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