jason kutchma @ local 506

jason kutchma @ local 506, originally uploaded by minervacat.

Rocking my world in terms of inspiration these last few weeks:

I spent today emailing Michelle (she compiled our Tuesday email exchange of things we love about spring and summer into one post, so I didn’t have to) about photos taken in bathrooms, hypothetical trips, and being your own worst enemy. I tried to find any halfway decent articles about or interviews with the Morning Benders, but, ouch, some of their past promo is painfully bad. (I found one or two that met my needs eventually.) I stared at this photo of Rogue Wave, this photo of Damien Jurado, and (still) this photo of Rick Danko a lot, and tried to figure out why I think they are all spectacular. I listened to Slobberbone and Frightened Rabbit and Holy Ghost Tent Revival and the Morning Benders and some podcasts. I wrote some follow-up thank you emails and drafted a couple of press pass requests. (I hate writing press pass requests, because of some things I am bad at: people; relationships; selling myself; not being neurotic.) I have a weekend full of things I’m looking forward to ahead of me, and it’s supposed to be sunny and warm and winter may have almost broken, finally.

I’m happy, today. Wicked self-reflective, but happy.

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