woodpigeon — die stadt muzikanten

Woodpigeon — Die Stadt Muzikanten.  Out 1/12/2010, Boompa Records.

Ah, the first mystery album of 2010 in my iTunes. Where did this come from? Why did I acquire it? Did I read a review of it somewhere? Did someone put a track on a mix for me, and when I saw the full release, I thought, hey, I liked that one song! I have no idea. I’ve said before that I try hard to keep my musical acquisitions cataloged — this recommendation came from ninebullets, this band opened for Holy Ghost, Ash sent me that track, J. talked about the Streets last summer before the A.A. Bondy show — but this one is a mystery. That’s okay. Sometimes mysteries are a good thing.

Because this is definitely a pleasant mystery — Calgary collective Woodpigeon makes the sort of intensely literate, thickly orchestrated indie pop music produced by beloved local-to-me groups Lost in the Trees and the Physics of Meaning; smart pop music made by talented classically trained musicians.  It’s an album full of rising and soaring choral-arranged sing-alongs and deeply lush strings, and well-placed jangly acoustic guitars and plaintive synthesizers. It’s sort of a heartbroken, hopeful album (and the song titles are amazing), and, yeah, I know, it’s only the second week of January but right now it’s my favorite release of 2010.

This album is for you if: you are into bands that sound like Scotland Yard Gospel Choir. This album is not for you if: overly twee hipster song titles of epic proportions bug the shit out of you.

[Woodpigeon — “Music Belongs to Those Who Make It”] 4MB, .mp3. From BALLADEER/to all the guys i’ve loved before, the EP packaged with Die Stadt Muzikanten.

In other news, my iPod is consistently devouring a smart playlist I know was synced when I left the house for the office between, well, between my bedroom and the office. Also, today it refused to live-update my recently added but as yet unplayed playlist even as I played things from it. What gives, tiny silver box of music? STOP THAT. Anyone have experience with this problem? The disappearing playlist is the same one every time, and its disappearances have no rhyme or reason behind them.

Also unrelatedly: digging Baeble Music’s Guest Apartment session with the NC’s own Love Language. I love Stu’s songwriting and the band’s sound desperately, and I’m wicked excited for his/their sophomore effort on Merge this year.

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