unc: librarian on a post!

unc: librarian on a post!, originally uploaded by minervacat.

I’ve been at my current job, which is hardly “the new job” anymore, for just about six months now, and there are many, many things I love about it: the routine of it, the stability both financial and employment, the benefits, my 401k which I am weirdly obsessed with.  But I don’t love its location; I work in the most boring big box shopping center and fast food restaurants suburban stretch of US15-501 between Chapel Hill and Durham, and it sucks.  When I worked on Franklin Street, I was out almost every day at lunch with my camera, if the weather was passably decent, and there was always something worth taking a photo of.  I miss the hell out of that.  Meg picked out this picture, and so she gets a list of things I miss about working on Franklin Street:

  • The graffiti.  People in the CH could be wicked clever with their graffiti.  Some of it was gorgeous.
  • Seeing the Roy jogging, and running into Carolina baseball players outside Sutton’s.
  • Lunch at Linda’s.  I ate lunch at Linda’s Bar & Grill once a week when I was working on Franklin, and I miss slipping in early or late on the lunch rush, sitting at the bar and talking to Dennis about baseball, Zach about books and old soul records, and Rutland about how he was a dumbass.  I also miss their turkey club sandwiches.
  • The libraries.  I didn’t borrow much from the Carolina libraries post-graduation because renewing my temporary staff ID every three months was a pain in the ass, but I liked just going in to Davis and wandering around the stacks.  And CD Alley, too; I loved walking up there at lunch and just farting around browsing the used bins for half an hour before going back to the office.
  • People.  t. and Jenn were both working on campus, and sometimes I got to see them at lunch.
  • Driving. My commute is not nearly as bad as it could be, but goddamn I hate having to drive to work because public transportation is just not a time-efficient option.
  • Just, you know, Franklin Street — there was always something going on.  I was often bored at work, but I was never bored when I went out at lunchtime in search of everyday adventures.

I don’t miss the job.  I do miss the place.

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