baltimore: hampden & the avenue

For Lani.

I like this picture for the suggested motion in the butterflies, faked into being by the limitations of my point and click camera indoors in poor lighting. I’ve been trying to appreciate the point and click to its fullest extent over the last few weeks, and I’m finding that if I don’t ask it to do things it lacks the physical capabilities to do — my Coolpix L3 will never have the aperature depth or shutter speed to be very useful in a concert venue, simply because of its age and when it was made — it’s just as useful, and often more unobtrusive than Six.

There are things the dSLR will always do better: my 50mm and 100mm lenses will always be superior in low light because of their apertures, my 70-210mm lens will always be superior in distance sports shots because it’s optical not digital zoom, and the graining issue isn’t there. But I’ve been reminded, time and again, while Six has been gone, that you don’t need the fanciest camera to take good photographs. Sometimes, the best camera is the one that’s with you.

And somebody else agrees, and you can buy a book about it.

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