lost in the trees @ cat’s cradle

Despite our best efforts to keep this as accurate as possible, the life of the touring band is fraught with danger and uncertainty. Club dates are sometimes changed due to the whims of delusional, power-hungry club owners, temperamental musicians experiencing pronounced bouts of self-doubt, fickle weather conditions, sadistic highway patrols and/or small town speed traps, van breakdowns due to some shoddy Detroit workmanship, random acts of God, or some other such problem. ALWAYS CHECK WITH CLUBS FOR SHOW CONFIRMATIONS. That way, you can avoid leaving your house unnecessarily. — Bloodshot Records

On the surface, this really has no relevance to anything, except it’s my favorite “our tour dates subject to change” disclaimer of all time and space — I do like to avoid putting on pants when I don’t have to, it’s true — and because, well, things do happen.

Scotland Yard Gospel Choir, one of Bloodshot’s artists, flipped their van in Indiana Thursday night after blowing a tire on the highway. The email that went out from Bloodshot is here; SYGC is one of the cleverest, most literate indie pop bands you’ve never heard of and their new album (… And the Horse You Rode In On, released two weeks ago) is amazing. Most musicians don’t have much in the way of health insurance and they’ve lost all their gear and their transportation, with their fully-booked October record release tour now up in the air, as well. If you’ve got a few bucks to spare, consider throwing it their way; details on that here. SYGC makes great music, Bloodshot is a truly fantastic label who really cares about all their artists, and everyone involved in this deserves way, way better than what they’re going through right now.

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