holy ghost tent revival @ local 506

Rocking my world in terms of inspiration this week:

  • Pete Turner. Jeff Curto — the guy who does the History of Photography podcast from a few weeks ago — turned me on to Pete Turner, and I’ve spent several marvelous evenings with his website. The color, the framing. Gorgeous.
  • Peter Ellenby. I think I’ve mentioned the great book of Ellenby’s rock photography, Every Day is Saturday, before, but I spent a bunch of time on his website this week, kicking my own ass over a recent set of flat, bored, uninspired feelings. Ellenby’s book, and his own work — sometimes blurry, sometimes blown out, always compelling and lovely — made me believe in my own style more than anything else has; that if he could do it that way, I could do it my way. And he does things with a Holga that I’d sell my right hand to be able to do, holy crap.
  • The photos in this post, of pickled everything, especially the one at the very top. The colors, the framing, the set-up. Once I finish the Everything I Ate project on December 31, I am not taking another photo of food for at least six months, but I admire and draw a lot of inspiration from really fantastic food photography. Also it makes me hungry.
  • This photo of Broadway actor Will Swenson, which my Lana sent me. I mean, yes, half-naked man, but I’m mostly captivated by the photo itself. Well done black and white, something I struggle with, always makes my heart flip over.
  • The video contained herein of Megafaun and Bon Iver (or also known as Deyarmond Edison+) doing Megafaun’s “Worried Mind” at the Fillmore in San Francisco. The a cappella sing-along at the end gives me chills.

Good God, but this week was long.

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  1. seenonflickr says:

    Good food photography is an amazing thing. I am constantly awed by Clotilde’s photos (at http://chocolateandzucchini.com/) which are taken by her in her place with real food which is eaten after!!

  2. M. says:

    Love the shot, & the list. I have a great time reading your blog, lady.

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