i made you a fish bowl

i made you a fish bowl, originally uploaded by minervacat.

Rocking my world in terms of inspiration this week:

  • Jeff Curto’s History of Photography podcast. It’s a podcast of a college lecture, and it’s absolutely enthralling. I’m primarily self-taught, as a photographer, with help from two very devoted friends who are always willing to answer my stupid questions, and I have no real context for what I do in terms of history; this gives me one. Two hours, once a week, for a semester-limited time frame.
  • Today in Music History podcast. Exactly what it says on the label. Daily five minute podcasts on what happened that day in music history. Awesome!(Both podcasts are available through iTunes; I just link to their sites because I can’t make iTunes store links work.)
  • Tim Burton. We watched his Charlie & the Chocolate Factory on Sunday night, and then I watched his Sweeney Todd1 on Tuesday, and then I watched Big Fish on Wednesday, and I spent a lot of time this week looking at early promo stuff for his Alice in Wonderland. I just find Burton a marvel, aesthetically. The way he works, it isn’t an aesthetic that I would ever myself find emulating or working towards, it’s not my aesthetic — but I find it gorgeous and startling all the same, and his work makes me want to be better at my own.
  • The trailer for Where The Wild Things Are, which I find to be gorgeous and heartbreaking every time I see it.

1: i was actually really touchy about this movie when it came out, because i’m more protective of sondheim (and of sweeney, which is among my most beloved of all sondheims, right after assassins and into the woods) than i’m fond of burton, but he did it more justice than i remembered, although i did like it a great deal even at the time. on the other hand, i know why he stripped the music down like he did (because half his actors couldn’t really sing, not the way sweeney needs you to sing), but i don’t have to like that; part of sweeney’s brilliance is the intense, complex score, the themes weaving in and out and disappearing and coming back, and that’s the biggest thing that’s missing for me from burton’s vision of it. and he cut the best verse from “a little priest”, the verse that ends with the history of the world, my sweet, is who gets eaten and who gets to eat — but fortunately it’s also clear that everybody goes down well with beer, which is just inexcusable. CANNIBALISM AND BEER, GET ON THAT, BURTON.

basically i’m a grumpy sondheim wife, don’t mind me.

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