tim barry @ the local 506

tim barry @ the local 506, originally uploaded by minervacat.

I’m off tonight to see John Grisham and Kathy Reichs at the North Carolina Literary festival, a ticket I have courtesy of t., but if you’re just sitting your ass at home, you should go over to Suburban Home Records and get yourself a free album to celebrate their 14th anniversary. I can personally vouch for anything Two Cow Garage has done and particularly their Speaking In Cursive, for anything Austin Lucas or Tim Barry has recorded, for Limbeck in general though not the self-titled in specific, for the new Cory Branan/Jon Snodgrass split, and for the idea of Drag the River although occasionally I’m fuzzy on specifics there.

Look, it’s a free legal album. Suburban Home is awesome. Go get that shit. Then buy some stuff from them later.

(Also awesome: yesterday’s The Duke & the King Daytrotter session.)

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