holy ghost tent revival @ trekky records studio

Two photos not by me that I can’t get enough of lately:

This one of ex-Panic at the Disco members Ryan Ross and Jon Walker in the studio working on their new project, by Jeremy and Claire Weiss. That photo is exactly why I take photos of musicians; it is a single perfect moment that’s so beautiful it makes my stomach and my heart hurt when I look at it for too long. That hasn’t stopped me from keeping it open in a tab, staring at it for long minutes, trying to find the secret inside it that makes it so exquisite. It’s the sort of shooting I aspire to in my studio work.

And this photo of Lucero, because as Ash said, it’s a promo photo that looks exactly the way Lucero sounds — it is a perfect visual representation of their music. I’m gearing up to do some promo work for bands who don’t know what they really want in a promo shot, and I’m thinking a lot lately about how to put their sound into a photo. That Lucero photo gives me something to shoot for — a photo that looks like a band sounds.

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