superchunk @ the cradle

superchunk @ the cradle, originally uploaded by minervacat.

I am, obviously, not at XXMerge this weekend — this shot is from Superchunk’s Coachella warm-up show at the Cradle this past April. (My weekend plans go baseball, show, baseball, baseball, baseball, show, but neither show is Merge-related.) Am I bummed that I’m not there? Yeah, a little. This amazing thing is happening in my town and I’m missing it because I was broke and then laid off when tickets were going, and even if I had managed a ticket back then, with the new job I probably couldn’t have managed the late nights.

But it’s happened before; it’ll happen again. Merge Records is the little indie label that could, they’ll have another anniversary in five years, and they’ll still be around to celebrate it. So I’ll go then, or I won’t — it doesn’t really matter, because ultimately, it’s all about Merge, not about me. So happy birthday, Merge, beloved label of my heart. Here’s to 20 fantastic years so far, and to 20 more in the future.

A handful of Merge-related links:

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