embarrassing fruits @ TRKfest 2009

I’m really not cut out to be a full-time pro concert photographer — for one thing, the festivals would kill me: I’m into indoor bathrooms, sleeping in real beds, and showering regularly, plus by about hour five on day one of Bonnaroo I’d want to murder everybody because I am an impatient, hateful person — but there’s really nothing that can beat a day-long festival of my favorite local bands, especially when I can go home and shower and sleep in a real bed at the end of it.

Kudos to the Trekky Records kids, who put on a phenomenal show yesterday. I had a blast.

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  1. Danielle says:

    I feel ya, you’d definitely get annoyed with the number of people..id be done after 1 day of Bonnaroo! thats why I cant do these types of shows and choose to sit at home and watch it on Fuse instead. Yup, I’m lazy! They are showing the best of Bonnaroo! check it out: http://fuse.tv/tours/bonnaroo-09/

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