wednesday morning three am

wednesday morning three am, originally uploaded by minervacat.

When I embarked on my year of month-long daily photo projects, I had no idea that I was going to get laid off at the end of April and spend May and June totally isolated in my apartment job-hunting. It was easy enough to take on projects when I was working on the main drag in Franklin Street, because I just scooted out with my camera at lunch and snapped away; now, to shoot during days, during the week, I have to make a point to go out on mini-safaris — or snap strangers in coffee shops or stores, places and subjects I’m far less comfortable shooting.

I let my May project fall by wayside partially through inertia and depression about my unemployment, and partially because I started re-wearing pairs of shoes, and May was my single most unproductive photo month so far this year to boot, but I’m going to try hard to stick to June’s, which is hands — my own, other people’s, all of the above. Today’s photo is from the archives — the Tuesday night after I’d been laid off in the afternoon, actually — and it’s one of my top five favorites I’ve taken this year. Hands are expressive. I’m going to get back on the photographic horse and try and find that out in the world full of strangers. It’ll be good for me on a multitude of levels.

At least I hope it will.


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