green #26

green #26, originally uploaded by minervacat.

A couple of uninspired, flat shooting days since Saturday night. Partially the weather — too hot Sunday to bother much with shooting the baseball game — and partially the drag of job hunting and trying to keep my mood up as I job hunt.

But this cupcake was delicious, and I hope a few shows this weekend, and perhaps a photo walk around downtown Durham, will rejuvenate me. Or maybe I just have to let the uninspired continue until it runs its course; sometimes that happens, alas. If it’s happened to you, tell me how you snapped it. Should I just pack up and drive to Wilmington on Saturday? The beach always makes me feel better, but then you have to contend with sand in your lenses, and uncomfortable sunburnt bits. Catch-22, I suppose.

Mostly, though: delicious cupcake. Hard to have a bad week when you have eaten a delicious cupcake.

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