baseball: miami @ unc, game 3

baseball: miami @ unc, game 3

baseball: miami @ unc, game 3, originally uploaded by minervacat.

My deep devotion to the UNC baseball team is a source of great puzzlement for a lot of people I know down here — mostly because besides shep., the people I know are musicians, artists, and computer geeks; not necessarily great targets for interest in college baseball. College baseball is such a strange, lovely beast — the quality of play is, generally, better than the level of play in the low minors, but it’s still being played by boys who really are just that — boys. The bats ping instead of crack. It starts in February, almost before MLB pitchers and catchers report to spring training, but it ends in June, long before MLB is even thinking about the All-Star Break. I love Major League Baseball; I grew up on it and will never not be a fan. But I love college baseball, too, for all the ways it’s the same, and different.

Shooting at outdoor sporting events is so different from the other meat of my photography work, indoor live music, and at the same time, not all that different. It’s all about strange lighting, sometimes, and the best moments being so full of movement that you can’t always capture it. I sit in the same seats every weekend the Tar Heels are home; I have to work to find new angles to shoot, new ways to capture the repetitiveness of a baseball game. I have to work the same way to take good live music shots. Baseball isn’t the same as live music, but there’s still things similar in how I shoot them.


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