slingshot cash @ the nightlight

The Cowboy and his band released their new album last night, with Gambling the Muse and Jeremy Blair opening. It was a lovely night; full photo set is here. This is my favorite track from the record: [Slingshot Cash — “We’ve Come Undone”] It’s about Patti Smith and making art and, well. It’s gorgeous.

slingshot cash @ the cave

I talked Brian Matusz and Brad Bergesen with Jay, yelled at a Red Sox fan for pissing on my baseball stadium, and spotted two, TWO, Royals fans in the wild. I also drank $2 PBR drafts, which is dangerous. Slingshot Cash and Effingham played, too, and they were both excellent. Slingshot Cash releases their new…

slingshot cash recording

i’m trying hard to have more sympathy than you if you’re keeping score at home i’m up three to two Fucking around in the studio last night while the Cowboy and his lead guitarist finished up the last track on Slingshot Cash’s new album.

slingshot cash @ the open eye

The Cowboy has a band. They’re called Slingshot Cash and I’m terrifically fond of them. They’re good, he’s a great songwriter, and if you live in the Triangle, you should go see them when they play out. For reasons that don’t need exploring at this juncture but should be pretty obvious, I won’t be writing about…