link: the head and the heart – let’s be still review

the head & the heart @ lincoln theatre

I wrote about the Head and the Heart’s Let’s Be Still for Speakers in Code:

A band like THATH, whose first album exploded in such an organic way, has a lot of weight on their shoulders in producing a second one, and while I don’t think there’s a song on Let’s Be Still that’s as tailor made for enormous echoing sing-alongs as “Rivers and Roads”, I think it’s a solid second effort for a band that often seemed surprised by their success. The weight of that can be too heavy for some bands, and end in albums that don’t do justice to the musicians behind them, but Let’s Be Still is not one of those. It is an album that sounds and says it’s tired, and it’s unsure, but I think that the uncertainty of it, and the way it never quite coheses into an album as opposed to a collection of songs, are in its favor.

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