concert: tribe one and jesse dangerously

jesse dangerously @ cat's cradle

dr awkward @ cat's cradle

tribe one @ cat's cradle

I never, ever get tired of watching people I love do really amazing things; and I never, ever get tired of shooting hip hop, because it’s something I don’t do often; so I really love when my nerdcore rapper friends come to town, because I get to watch people I love do amazing things they love, and I get to shoot hip hop. This is the fourth or fifth time I’ve seen Tribe One, now, and he just gets better and better every time I see him. He also just quit his job of eight years to be a full-time rapper, which is scary and huge and an enormous leap, and so I’m also super proud of him for that. I had a blast photographing Tribe One and Jesse Dangerously, the first two on a four rapper bill leading up to MC Chris, and then I had a blast hanging out at the merch table with Mr. One and Mr. Dangerously.

I left them snoring happily in my living room when I crept out at 6:30 am, and I think there was only one cat nestled onto someone’s head. (The other one was hollering about something in the bathroom, which is not relevant to nerdcore, but is relevant to my living room full of rappers.) They were off to Baltimore on the rest of this MC Chris tour this morning, so I hope they drove safely and are just as awesome every night here on out as they were last night.

Full set is on Flickr.

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