life list: 100 foods, 100 counties




Though my trip to Hickory was only partially successful — baseball-watching thwarted by a thunderstorm and a dead car battery — I did get to cross off three more counties on my Life List item of eating at all of Our State’s 100 Foods In 100 Counties. From top to bottom:

Iredell County: Port-A-Pit BBQ, Statesville – Charcoal BBQed Chicken. Some of the best grilled chicken I’ve eaten; the skin was crisp like nothing else and it had that lovely charcoal smell to it. Delicious sides, too.

Catawba County: Udderly Delicious, Hickory – Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream. The best thing I’ve eaten so far in this quest. Otherworldly. With big hunks of actual cake in it.

Davie County: Ketchie Creek Bakery & Cafe, 5 Flavor Pound Cake. I did not expect to have to buy a whole cake. After my first slice, I was delighted to have bought a whole cake. The cake is moist and, well, five-flavored, but the buttercream icing is the top.

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