song share: pixies – bagboy

new politics @ 9:30 club

It’s the summer of 1997, and the first boy I ever loved put “La La Love You” on a mix tape for me. It’s the summer of 2013, and he’s married (and he lives in Hoboken, to boot, so if you Google yourself, Tim Catts, you could email me), and I’m single (but I get to photograph the Breeders and the Violent Femmes, other bands he put on mixes for me, this fall), and there’s a new Pixies track.

Everyone else has already posted this, so the song probably isn’t new to you, but I can’t pass up a new Pixies song, in the summer, without posting it, and without thinking about Tim. Some bands just do that to you. Some people just do that to you.

It’s great, though, this song — it’s noise and fuss and fuzz and shake and shatter. It’s a snotty rock anthem for the summertime, for being lazy, for doing what you want to do. Something about it reminds me of “Slack Motherfucker”, and we get a new Superchunk record this summer, too. It’s like I’m 17 all over again.

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