pickwick & basia bulat @ local 506

pickwick @ local 506

I wrote about the Pickwick set for Speakers In Code.

basia bulat @ local 506

basia bulat @ local 506

Basia Bulat opened, and as Adam told me I would, I fell promptly in love with her immediately. She’s got an incredible voice, a knack for out of the box songwriting that just wrang my heart, and she played some of the greatest, oddest instruments on stage, including an autoharp and a charango, which she explained after the show was a South American instrument, similar to a 10-stringed ukelele, called a Charango, and in the past was traditionally made of armadillo shells!! I was utterly smitten by her from the first moment, and her latest album is a delight. If you’re going to catch one of the last few dates on this Pickwick tour, make sure you get out early enough to see Basia, please.

Full set is here.

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