giveaway: mike tyler – money grows on your knees 7″

the jon spencer blues explosion @ cat's cradle

One of the reasons that I find New York noise-pop artist Mike Tyler so terrifically charming is that he talks about music like I write about it: not quite on center, maybe with some strange comparisons, some unique sentence structure, words that are as oddly off-center and delightful as his music. On the subject of his newest 7″, the second single from his latest record, Tyler says:

My new single is such a lopsided seductive beast. Deep deep bass with a pop frosting and a growling lead yawp. It can be kind of sweet in places and then a dungeon-door-slamming-echoed-thud takes over; a contradiction in tones. It’s the boiled pot of the gumbo stew of black and white that is America; greed and innocence, joy and exhausted hustle. Might explain why we decided the packaging of the single would include an actual puzzle.

He’s spot on with that description; “Money Grows On Your Knees” is a shivery slice of indie pop out of the old New York art-punk tradition. It’s noisy and lurching and utterly captivating. AND you, yourself, can hear it, because I have a copy of the 7″ to give away.

I love 7″ records; something about their size and shape just appeals to me the most, aesthetically. This one is green vinyl, and also contains a CD version of the two tracks on the 7″, and an honest-to-goodness jigsaw puzzle. One lucky person gets to put that puzzle together!

Listen to the first single, “Stuttering Song II”, below, and leave a comment if you’d like to have the 7″. I’ll pick a commenter at random on Monday, which will be a good excuse to go to the post office, since I totally owe about six of you things in the mail.

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