life list: 100 foods in 100 counties




This mini-roadtrip with Mama had three purposes: look at art on barns; hang out with Mama; and eat at a few more places on the Our State list of 100 things in eat in North Carolina’s 100 counties. We hit three in two days, and they were all interesting. From top to bottom, the Hot Vegetarian at Sweet Basil (Southern Pines, Moore County); the fried chicken at Fuller’s BBQ Buffet (Lumberton, Robeson County); and the burger at Melvin’s (Elizabethtown, Bladen County).

The Hot Vegetarian was amazing; the fried chicken was above average; the hamburger had a nice crisp grill-crust but wasn’t out of this world. I am not big on hamburgers, really, so I can’t judge.

Check, check, check, life list.

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